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The Book



The Adventures Of Fawn: ‘Til The Last Snowflake Falls by Al E. Boy
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Print Length: 517 pages
Publication Date: October 1, 2014




The Adventures of Fawn is a ‘coming of age’ series set in the magical world of Santa’s North Pole! The year is 1849, and legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen have a young daughter, Fawn. In this first book, ‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls’ the young reindeer spends far too many days alone in the stable at Santa’s Village with no friends and nothing to do.

While her parents caution her she’s much too young and inexperienced to go exploring outside Santa’s Village by herself, Fawn disagrees. Declaring, “I want some fun and excitement! I don’t care how dangerous it is!” she begins sneaking out each day in search of friends, excitement and adventure. She’ll find them all…but also find herself facing dangers like a fierce hungry wolf, a freezing North Pole blizzard, and the treachery of a sea captain capturing animals of the arctic to sell to a zoo in New York City.

Along the way, she’ll also learn some valuable lessons about what’s really important in life. The Adventures of Fawn are filled with fun and excitement for all ages!​


Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


The Author


Al E. Boy


Through almost 40 years as a Santa Claus, Al E. Boy developed quite a repertoire of tales to explain and answer the many questions children ask about Santa, the North Pole, his reindeer, and his friends, the elves.

​It was this collection of tales which prompted him to begin writing The Adventures of Fawn. Through the young daughter of legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen, he’s been able to weave an exciting, colorful, imaginative world which will delight readers of all ages!

Mr. Boy not only hopes you enjoy these tales, but make reading them part of your Christmas traditions, as well.





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Book Genre: Non-Fiction, Nature, Art, Animals
Publisher: Falling Leave Press
Release Date: August 25, 2016

Book Description:

Nature Inspired: Animal Edition offers you the opportunity to see animals both big and small through the eyes of different artists. With more than sixty works in this full color edition, it is a treasure trove of touching, charming and curious images.


Buy Link(s) (to receive discount)50% off the retail of $25.00 for the run of the tour.On Amazon:

Wholesale Orders:

Available through Ingram

Or through Nature Inspired Anthologies (inquire)

Book Link(s):



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The Book


Orphan Dani by Simon Driscoll
Book 1 in The Dragons’ Bane Chronicles series
Genre: Tween Fantasy Adventure



About Orphan Dani:

Dani is a young orphan girl, living on the streets of a medium-sized border town. Her only friend in the world is a dragon. At fourteen years of age, she should be starting her apprenticeship, but all her schooling has come from a dragon. The same day he promises she can some day become a dragon herself, a Mage finally comes looking for her. But is he there to help her, or control her?

Source: Info in the About Orphan Dani was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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Smooth stones shifted beneath my feet as I limped toward the dragon’s cave. Anger buzzed in my head with no outlet. Two miles of walking on a sprained ankle hadn’t helped my mood, or the injury. In addition to the ankle, which continued to complain with every step, my left eye felt swollen from a recent blow. The blow itself didn’t bother me so much. Instead, I was concerned by why she hit me and how I got away.

Two miles south lay Barrington, a village sandwiched between the kingdom of Puji and the mountains of Goldoon. Almost five thousand people lived in the village, including the families who had taken me in. Every winter for the past six years one family or another had taken me in as a housekeeper or cook, and shared what little food they had with me; rarely enough to truly satisfy me, or them. Eventually they would start to resent having me there. Thus every year, around the start of spring, I would find some reason to leave.

This year, the reason had reached out and grabbed me by the throat, literally. There was no real love for me there, and hadn’t been since my nanny died almost six years ago. Why should they care about a little orphan girl?

The cave before me wasn’t the adventure others might see. I wasn’t here in a vain attempt to gain treasure or impress someone with my bravery. No one else in the village knew there was a dragon nearby. For me, this was my one escape from the cruelty of the world. The only place left where someone showed me kindness instead of hatred and violence.

The last few feet were the trickiest of all and my injured ankle gave out. I scraped my hand on the cliff in a failed attempt to stop my fall.

“Cortiban’s bones!” The curse escaped my lips. Frustration boiled over and I had to close my eyes to contain the anger. Pulling myself up by grabbing the face of the cliff before me, I put all my anger to the task of overcoming the pain. I kept my eyes shut as I limped through the protective magic hiding the mouth of the cave. If someone watched as I entered, they would see me walk through solid rock. A protective spell hid everything inside. Now the magic hid me as well.


Book Trailer:


Books In The Dragons’ Bane Chronicles Series:


Meet The Author


About Simon Driscoll:

Simon Driscoll has published several books, including the Dragons’ Bane Chronicles, and the Warriors & Watchmen series. Writing is his passion, as well as his hobby. He studied creative writing in college to learn the mechanics of written stories. He has been influenced in his writing by great authors such as Sir Isaac Asimov, Terry Brooks, and Orson Scott Card, to name only a few.

Simon has been a student of the scriptures all his life, and feels passionately about helping others understand them better. The most difficult aspect of scriptures to comprehend is prophecy. That is why Simon has combined his passions for writing and the scriptures to create a fictional account of the fulfillment of End Times Prophecies. The first book in the Warrior and Watchmen Series was published in 2015. | blog | | twitter | facebook | pinterest | google+ | amazon | goodreads


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TILLIE’S TALE Blog Tour & Giveaway


The Book


Tillie’s Tale by Mindy Mymudes
Genre: urban fantasy middle grade



About Tillie’s Tale:

Who is the mysterious ghosty haunting puppygirl Tillie? And why? George, the magical basset hound familiar is on the trail.

Source: Info in the About Tillie’s Tale was from the press kit from the publicity team.



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Meet The Author


About Mindy Mymudes:

I’ve worked in a hazardous waste lab, where under the sign for the Right To Know law, was added: if you can figure it out. I’ve been a metals tech, a bakery clerk, a professional gardener, and taught human anatomy and ran two university greenhouses. Along the way I picked up my Master’s Degree in Biology, specializing in the population genetics of an endangered plant. I’ve also been a top breeder, handler, and trainer of English springer spaniels under the prefix of Muddy Paws. We three in the equivalent of the National Club’s (ESSFTA) hall of fame. Every time I think I know dogs, another dog comes along and proves my beliefs are totally wrong. The truth is, the Muddy Paws Pack walk all over me.

website | blog | twitter | facebook | amazon | goodreads




Giveaway: Ecopy of George Knows & $10 Amazon Gift Card

Tweet: RT to enter to win an #ebook of George Knows or an #Amazon gift card from @GeorgeBasset #vbtcafetours

Giveaway Entries: To enter this giveaway, click the bird above & Tweet about the giveaway, or click on share by Tweet on this post. Your Tweet MUST contain the following to enter – #vbtcafetours & @GeorgeBasset. Good luck!

All prizes courtesy of author, Mindy Mymudes.


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WILDFLOWER Book Tour & Giveaway


The Book


Wildflower by Alexandra Forry
Genre: Contemporary Romance



About Wildflower:

In this beautiful and moving story of love, growth, and redemption among the stunning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Sydney—a teenaged Army orphan—discovers that love knows no bounds and life has many twists and turns of fate. After she is forced to move in with her late mother’s sister Blanche and Blanche’s abusive alcoholic husband Dean, Sidney finds purpose and friendship in Lexy, the daughter of Max Heller the City’s most prominent widower and business magnate. Unknowingly, the girls’ antics awaken Blanche’s lost and suppressed passions and stirs Max’s long-thwarted drive to build a loving and complete family. What emerges is the wonderfully successful Epicurian Café, the brainchild of Blanche and Sydney actively encouraged by Max and Lexy. The Café quickly becomes a center of the community, the start of a new life for Blanche and Sydney, and a chance for Max and Lexy to discover true love and the meaning of commitment. An emotional roller-coaster with its exciting twists and turns, Wildflower is an exhilarating and satisfying read.

Source: Info in the About Wildflower was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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“Why don’t we open a business? Like a simple sandwich and coffee shop,” Sydney announced with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“A sandwich shop?” Blanche asked, looking surprised and a bit taken aback.

“Yeah, why not?”

While Sydney waited for an answer, Blanche just looked at her, dumbfounded “Sydney, I would love to open a sandwich shop, but it takes a lot of money–money that we just don’t have.”

“Oh please, Aunt Blanche! I bet you can get a loan from the bank. It will be exciting!” Sydney pleaded.

“I don’t think that your uncle will approve. Sydney I love your idea, truly do! I was taken aback at first, because it has always been a dream of mine to open a little shop of some kind on Main Street,” Blanche said wistfully. ”It costs a lot of money to open up a business, besides I have an offer for a job in Prescott.”

“Pooh on Uncle Dean, and turn down that job. For me, please? You can ask Annette how to open a business–she will know, since she owns her own business.” Sydney said begging her aunt.

“I will think about it, okay, Sydney?” Blanche said making her way to her closet and picking out a dress.


Meet The Author


About Alexandra Forry:

Alexandra Forry has an incredible talent for living vicariously through the colorful and intriguing escapades of her strong female characters and successful leading men. Her first book, “Omerta Affair,” based on the true story of mafia boss Tony Torino and his paramour Evelyn Rosenberg has recently been adapted and re-released as “Timeless Endings”–romance fiction. Her latest book, “Wildflower,” is an adventure in coming of age for both a young orphan and her repressed aunt who is trapped in a destructive marriage. It is a beautiful story of life, hope, growth, and triumph and deals with many of the traumas of youth, such as bullying.

Alexandra Forry is familiar with life’s challenges. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lives with her loving grandparents. Alexandra has conquered the limitations of Cerebral Palsy to write exciting and engaging novels. She has completed a number of talks and internet book tours and is a member of the Las Vegas Romance Writers and RWA. | twitter | facebook | facebook author page | google+ | tumblr | pinterest | goodreads


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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

With these tips I’m not saying you’re going to become a great, New York Times Bestselling author but I will say these tips will and hopefully help you become a better writer.

  • Read. Read everything you can read. Pay attention to the wording and how it’s written. Read books in the genre that you are going to write in. See how the words flow together.
  • Take writing classes. There are some that are online and their cost is minimal to free. Some classes last from one week to one month.
  • Join writing groups. Being able to bounce ideas off other writers can be a good tool.
  • Get your work professionally edited. True, you can edit your work yourself, but even editors have editors. Pay attention to the comments and remarks that the editor makes. They’re not out to hurt you but to enhance you.
  • Have someone not close to you read your work. Friends and family will be willing to read your work but will they give you an honest unbiased opinion? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Seek someone who is not close to you to read your work.
  • Read writing books. The book, “Word Magic for Writers” is a good book. Make that book, the dictionary and the thesaurus your best friends.
  • Don’t over use words. That’s where the thesaurus comes in. The thesaurus gives you another word for an overly used word.
  • Don’t force your work. If the words are not there, go do something else. Step away from your writing; go for a walk; watch a movie; spend some time with family; read a book that is not in your genre, anything but force your words. All writers get writers block.
  • If you need a muse, find one. It’s good to talk about your ideas or just talk about the genre you’re writing in with someone.
  • In all, find fun in your writing. Enjoy what you do. Don’t let anyone deter you from your passion.

The Books

Intimate Moments by Jeané Sashi
Genre: erotic romance

About Intimate Moments:

What do you do when you have not one, but three handsome men vying for your affection and attention? The answer is not so simple for Tonju. She has to make a decision between two men from her past and one man that has currently wanted into her life and wants to be her future. The question is, “Which man will she choose?”

Trying to find love was not easy, especially when you’re a successful, attractive lady in your thirties looking for a relationship of sustenance, after being divorced for five years. Tonju was torn between three men vying for her attention.

One was an unhappily married man from her past who was willing to let go of everything in order to be with her. The second man was her ex-husband; he never stopping loving her and has realized his mistakes and will do what has and needs to be done to get her back. The third man was someone she met on a girl’s a night out. So far he has good qualities, but there’s still an air of mystery about him.

Could either of these men be the love Tonju’s looking for? She has reservations; some good and some not-so-good about the three men, she had completely broken all ties with one, was leaning closely towards another one, and was looking sideways at the other one. Could Tonju truly be experiencing love?

Source: Info in the About Intimate Moments was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):

Excerpt from Intimate Moments:

Through the entire conversation Tony searched through his memory trying to remember where he had seen Tonju before she caught his eyes at The Lobster House. He was sure he had seen her somewhere before.

It finally hit him and he remembered, he saw her at Reed, Randall, and Wade. He was at their office earlier in the week for a meeting before he came to San Diego. She was the Senior Paralegal giving a presentation in the conference room when he walked by. When he saw her, he thought to himself that she was very professional, very attractive along with sexy. Her cream colored skirt suit with the coffee brown blouse and the matching cream and brown shoes were a compliment to her small shapely frame, and not to mention she had a pair of shapely legs.

Her hair was pulled back into a bun and her makeup was natural and flawless. He also remembered passing her office with the unique name on the door. He wasn’t sure as how to pronounce it, until now. When he saw her at The Lobster House, he had a feeling he had seen her somewhere before but couldn’t remember then either.

A smile formed from corner to corner on his face. “This could be destiny,” he said to himself. “Did you say something?”

“No, just thinking out loud. Would you care to dance?”

The sounds of the music had slowed down and this might have been his opportunity to get the chance to hold Tonju in his arms. The song “Cherish This Moment” by Kem was being played.

“Sure, that’ll be nice and I can quit swaying in this chair.”

He took Tonju by the hand and led her to the dance floor. He was able to get a good up close look at her, especially in that dress. He was in full admiration. Taking her in his arms, he held her close to him.

The aroma from her hair and skin made him close his eyes to take her all in.

He had to ask, “what’s that perfume you’re wearing?” he smelled the scents of Casaba Melon, Plum, and Freesia.

“Pure Seduction by Secrets of Victoria.”

“I love the scent. It smells great on you.”

“Thank you.”

Tony wondered to himself…“Will this be a well-kept secret tonight?” Holding her close and inhaling her aroma is taking his mind to other places.

“I can’t believe I’m this close to this man. He smells so charming I think he’s wearing a Lauren collection by Ralph. Sniff, sniff, he is, it’s ‘Romance Silver.’ It smells delightful on him. Goodness, I could stay like this forever.” She said in her mind. His arms hugged her waist with her left arm around his neck; he was holding her right hand their bodies swayed to the music as if they were the only couple on the dance floor.

Tony’s hand went down her spine and felt the small of her back. He felt the curvature of her back and noticed how perfect she was to him. With him being as tall over her as he was, he could see over her shoulder and noticed her ample bottom. His hand touched where her lower back and ass came together. That must have been a soft spot for her. She squirmed a little and giggled.

“Gotcha” he said to himself and lowers his mouth to her ear kissing the top of her right earlobe sending chills down her spine once again.

Tonju then moved her right hand from his hand and placed it on his chest. She could feel his tight chest through his shirt. “Nice” she said to herself. She moved her hand up and down the left side of his chest. They were still swaying to the music both had their eyes closed entranced in the moment. Their legs were between each other’s and their bodies began to grind more and more to the music, it felt as though their bodies had become one right on the dance floor. Tonju could feel Tony’s erection through his pants and he didn’t seem a bit embarrassed. She moved her body more and more on his erection which caused him to moan a bit. “Hmm” she said to herself with a smile. They didn’t notice that the music had stopped until Tony was tapped on the shoulder by Robert.

The J Spot by Jeané Sashi
Genre: erotic romance

About The J Spot:

The J Spot is not what you think it is. It’s not the type of nightclub that is coming to your mind either. Once inside the club, you will see the maturity.

Kevin in the type of man that every woman that he comes in contact with want to take home, keep him and possess him. Does he let that happen?

Women flocked to him like bees to honey. They fall to his feet at the sight of him. As he handed them their drinks, they left their panties as a tip. Although he was aggressive he was still shy and flattered by all the attention he received from the ladies. He couldn’t understand why all the attention, he was just like any average male with a large sexual appetite, and had his way of giving the ladies pleasure.

But, there was only one lady that seemed to have caught his eye. He couldn’t seem to get her out of his mind. Her sexiness had him off balance. He saw other women, he had even gone on a date or two but his mind was gravitating towards one. Will she pay attention to him or will she tell him to go to hell?

What is it that he is feeling! Or is it he wanted what he felt he couldn’t have? Was he out of her league?

Source: Info in the About The J Spot was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):

Excerpt from The J Spot:

A quaint New Orleans Jazz Bar right off Bourbon Street. On Friday and Saturday nights the nightlife brought in all the thirty and older crowd from the working middle class. The club used to be a place where you would see older men walk in, have a few drinks, get drunk, and not walk out alone. That’s right. They were picked up by a little honey and were taken to the nearest motel. Some received pleasure in the form of sex and some received pain in the form of a missing wallet. All that changed six months ago when the place was bought by a new owner, now it’s more upscale. A place where people would want to come, relax, unwind and have a good time before heading to their next destination. The place is more of a New Orleans Tapas Style Bar, and Nightclub.

Modest seating and contemporary tables with warm colors painted on the walls. The lighting was dim with hues of purple. The weekends consisted of live music. Friday nights it was Jazz and Saturday nights it was Contempo Indie. The rest of the nights, the music was streamed by a computerized DJ, except Thursday nights which was Spoken Word night. Most of the Indie Poets come out on that night.

The bartender, Kevin Stokes, thirty-four, six foot four, two hundred forty-five pounds, muscular, polished attached goateé and moustaché with caramel hazel eyes that fit perfect with his milk chocolate skin and bald head. He did indeed look like a Snickers candy bar…minus the nuts. He was the epitome of a bartender and a bouncer. He ran the place, he was the Manager. He too was not sure of who the owner of this place was, he just kept it running to the letter of his job description, which was…mix drinks, tend the bar, don’t put your hands in the till and make sure the customers are happy. “A happy customer is a spending customer”, the company’s motto.

He looked after the customer very well, especially the female customers. Kevin did have a way with the ladies. One look into those caramel eyes and they melted. He couldn’t tell you how many pairs of panties he had in his office. Not that he has had sex with a lot of women, it was that the women found him so irresistibly handsome…single and married ones alike…that they leave him their panties with their business cards attached to them. Subtly is not some of these women’s strong suits. Get enough drinks in some of them and they were liable to do and say anything.

Especially his latest encounter, Melanie Gray, thirty-two, single, caramel skin, hazel brown eyes, long wavy hair and from the Bayou’s of Louisiana. She was the Branch Manager of one of the local banks. Living alone has its perks but it also has its disadvantages. Like tonight, she had one of the worst days that anyone can have and going home to an empty house would have been added torture for her as she had no one at home to talk to. This night she decided to stop in at her new favorite bar on this cool summer Friday evening proved to be rewarding for her and helped to get the stress of the day off her back.

Meet The Author

About Jeané:

Have you noticed that everything you do and everything that you go through in life is a story waiting to be told? Whether it’s fiction, fantasy, romance, humor, mystery, or non-fiction; your story can be told. Get the words out of your head…just write.

Jeané has been writing since she was in high school. Although she kept diaries, just as any teenager in high school, she didn’t realize her writing potential until she entered and won the Mayor’ Essay Award. She critiques and edits the writings of fellow authors. She herself is the author of two novels, “Intimate Moments” and “The J Spot”. | twitter | facebook | blog | pinterest | google+ | linkedin | amazon | goodreads


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NO INNOCENT AFFAIR Blog Tour & Giveaway

The Book

No Innocent Affair by Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr.
Genre: Christian Life

About No Innocent Affair:

‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ (Exodus 20:14).

Have you found yourself contemplating committing adultery? Are you currently in an adulterous relationship? Have you been affected by an act of adultery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, No Innocent Affair: Making Right the Wrong of Adultery is the tool you need.

An avid student of the Word, Ed Mrkvicka addresses the fact that adultery is one of the main contributors to the destruction of the American family and seeks to reverse this terrifying statistic. Mrkvicka posits that few who engage in adulterous relationships realize the enormity of the cost of infidelity, both to themselves and innocent people in their lives.

Beginning by comparing God’s view of adultery to society’s view, No Innocent Affair explains in frank yet loving terms that unrepentant adultery is more than just an innocent affair. It is choosing Satan over Jesus and death over life. Mrkvicka desires to lead adulterers to repentance and eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Most importantly, No Innocent Affair takes you on a step-by-step biblical progression that leads to the sin of adultery being forgiven and salvation reclaimed.

Infidelity is no easy subject to discuss, but it is one that must be addressed. Follow along on this exploration of the consequences and ways out of adultery.

Source: Info in the About No Innocent Affair was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):


Nothing could be clearer. Unrepentant adulterers will not spend
eternity in heaven.

So if you’re thinking about committing adultery, don’t. The cost
to everyone, especially you, is just too high. Adultery is more than physical
lust or an innocent affair and/or choosing another person
over one’s spouse. Adultery is choosing Satan over Jesus, death over
life, and hell over heaven. But God does not condemn us to that
fate. Instead, if we will follow the step-by-step instructions culled
from the Bible and offered in this book, He forgives us so we may
be saved. Of course, as with all things God asks of His children,
our obedience is rewarded far beyond what we deserve: “Then shall
the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my
Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of
the world” (Matthew 25:34).

If you’re in an adulterous relationship, end it. Now. As with all
sin, adulterers must first admit it and then quit it. Thank God we
can be forgiven, but only if we repent and make right that which we
have made wrong.

Lastly, no matter how far removed we are from the Light of the Lord, we must never forget the life-affirming words of Jesus in Luke 15:7. “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over on sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.”

Meet The Author

About Edward:

Edward F. Mrkvicka is a lifelong Christian, award-winning author, lay minister and counselor. He is devoted to saving families from the ravages of adultery, and the divorce that almost always follows. Most important, he is devoted to the innocent children who are damaged by the selfish acts of their parents who give in to temptation.

Mrkvicka believes the only hope for betraying adulterers is the Word of God. This is what he tries to do with his books and counseling – ensure that as many as possible know what a true evil adultery is, and that they know it before-the-fact, as it is far easier to avoid the evil than to get back once the line has been crossed.

His efforts on behalf of families, understanding adultery, and the devastating effect of divorce on children has earned him a United States Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

He started writing professionally in 1980. | linkedin | goodreads

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The Books

The Iron Altar Trilogy

The Iron Altar trilogy follows the paths of two women, one young and the other ancient beyond belief. Both are destined to die on the same altar.

One death would precipitate mass murder and destroy billions. The other sacrifice would claim only two lives – the martyr and the monster who made the Iron Altar.

Amber Grace will be that martyr, but only if she reaches the altar first. And only if she still thinks we are worth dying for…

IceFlight by Casey Lea
Book 1 of the Iron Altar Trilogy
Genre: Science Fiction/Romance

About IceFlight:

Darsey Ice never thought her first trip past Jupiter would claim the lives of her crew. But then she hadn’t expected to become the first person to make contact with aliens either. Kidnapped, enslaved and lost on the Outer Rim of a mighty civilization light-years from Earth, the only person she can turn to is her enigmatic new owner.

A dishonored outcast, he is just as alone as Darsey. Exiled by his people and struggling to survive, the last thing he wants is a rebellious primitive as a slave. She complicates his efforts to hide a dangerous secret and to complete a quest that is likely to claim both their lives.

Source: Info in the About IceFlight was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):

Excerpt from IceFlight:

In front of them a massive waterfall fell through the pyramid, a silver curtain blocking their path. It filled the entire landing and Darsey tried to stop and stare, but the floor wouldn’t let her. Instead it kept flowing forward and carried her with it. She tried to walk backwards, but the strange cushion of air accelerated to waft her faster, straight at the monstrous waterfall.

“Wing,” she squeaked and her fingers found her companion’s hand. She squeezed tighter than she intended, but Nightwing didn’t flinch.

“It’s kay. See.”

Darsey stared unblinking at the silent curtain of water she was rushing toward. They hurtled into it and she grabbed Wing’s arm with her other hand, but the flow parted ahead of them. A v-shaped gap appeared above the path, looking like the ripple left by a speedboat. She had to duck her head against his shoulder to fit, but it worked.
Wing put his arm around Darsey while they slowed to a sedate drift under the weight of a ten story waterfall. Silver boiled above them and the light grew dim. The path under their feet began to glow blue and when she glanced up at the kres he looked haggard. He also looked starkly alien and she suddenly realized how familiar his strange features had become to her. She’d started to see him as just another person, but that didn’t mean he was human. Not even close.

Darsey looked away with a shudder and her spasm seemed to trigger a nightmare. The bridge under them pulsed red while a siren sounded and then the silent waterfall began to roar. She looked up just as the shield protecting them vanished.

The water fell and Darsey fell with it. The weight of a giant fist pounded her while she plummeted down into darkness and the noise was so overwhelming it seemed as solid as the water. She could hardly feel Wing’s fingers clamped tight round her wrist, but she knew they must be there because she was still alive. His com field was the only thing keeping her that way and she prayed he wouldn’t let go. Not that it really mattered, because the impact when they finally hit the bottom was going to be brutal. His shield would be overloaded and they would both die anyway.

Frostbite by Casey Lea
Book 2 of the Iron Altar Trilogy
Genre: Science Fiction/Romance

About Frostbite:

When the ice comes for you… When it has already taken your friends… What do you do?

Amber Grace has spent countless lives preparing for battle, but has finally run out of time. She is mortal now and can only hope that her enemy is close, that when the monster comes to devour them all, she will be ready.

All Amber has to do is hide and wait, keeping herself safe so she will be there to save everyone when death comes for them. But one thing the Universe never guarantees is safety.

Forced from hiding and trapped on the Rim with the criminal scum of every interstellar species, Amber finds herself truly living in a way she hasn’t for millennia. Suddenly her choices are more than equations and the potential of billions killed must be balanced against protecting her friends.

Amber finally dares to embrace her last life, but a single mistake costs everything she has won.

Now the ice is coming… and it’s not alone.

Source: Info in the About Frostbite was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Excerpt from Frostbite:

Zak broke off when his words were lost in a thud and a grunt. Misty ducked her head further from cover to see what was happening. Ace. He’d finally managed to slither from his party burrow and do some work. Impressive work too. He must have taken Zak down with a diving tackle, but the nearest cover was meters away. Not a bad leap.

Unfortunately, Zak arched hard enough to throw Ace off and they came to their feet together. Two swords appeared and they attacked each other instantly. Their blades clashed repeatedly, without pause or hesitation.

Misty stopped and stared. She had never seen such a fight. Every blow was countered and each riposte was blocked. It was like watching someone fence with a mirror. There were no advances and no retreats. The fighters stood toe-to-toe, perfectly matched. The pace increased, until their swords were a blur, but still no one broke through with a blade.

Zak decompressed a second sword and slashed at Ace recklessly, driving him toward the cliff. The clash of blades was constant as the Beserk pushed forward. Misty took half a step toward them, but Ace spun around Zak, away from the drop. He swung his sword over his shoulders to guard his back and caught the blades trying to cut him down from behind. He twisted his arms while crouching, to turn and sweep one of the weapons from Zak’s hand.

Ace leapt high, while Zak jumped too. Their swords collided and they both swung a fist as well. Ace smashed his opponent in the mouth, but a punch like an anvil glanced from his chin and he staggered. He fell to a knee, before surging upright to back away and look for the Beserk. He attacked as soon as he saw the stranger – still on his back in the dirt.

Zak sprang to his feet just in time to counter the blow, then took an unsteady step and Ace paused too, breathing heavily despite com support. The stranger used the back of his hand to wipe blood from his lips and frowned when he saw Ace wiping his own bloody mouth.

“Get out of my head, snot balls.”

“Glad to,” Ace sneered. “I don’t usually play in garbage.”

Zak sprang forward, but this time he put his full weight behind his swing. The wild blow was a risk, but Ace was too surprised to take advantage of it. He belatedly tried to block Zak’s sword, but its momentum was too great. Both swords flew through the air and Misty jumped aside when they clattered past. Ace reached to his wrist for another blade, but was too slow. This time Zak tackled him and they went down together. They grappled with each other and rolled across the plateau toward the cliff.

Meet The Authors

About Casey Lea:

Casey Lea is a mother and daughter writing team with a strong interest in science fantasy. The Casey Lea partnership began in 1990, with the arrival of Emma Casey Frost, first daughter of Shelley Lea and Gary. Although Emma was a very precocious child, it took another fifteen years before she began working with her mother.

Shelley Lea (pronounced ‘lee’) was born on a snowy June day, near the bottom of the world, in Invercargill, New Zealand. Reluctant to supply a date of birth, she would rather claim several decades of maturity, but only a few days of actual wisdom. Those decades have covered a range of jobs, a couple of degrees (including English Lit), one great husband, plenty of travel, two gorgeous daughters, several scatty cats and one charmingly dumb dog. They’ve also included an on-going struggle to put pen to paper in any spare second. This has led to some dire poetry, some eyebrow raising children’s stories and finally to something resembling a novel. This languished in a sadly disjointed and hand written form until…

Emma Casey inherited her mother’s love of books and the ability to string two sentences together (sometimes three). She proved to be the missing link in trying to actually finish a manuscript. Younger, savvier and able to turn on a computer without causing it to explode, she picked up the book and ran with it. Emma is also studying graphic design and happily provides Casey Lea’s cover artwork. | twitter | facebook | amazon | goodreads

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CHILDREN’S BOOK TOUR by Ana Koza Book Tour & Giveaway

When I started writing “Around the World”, I felt I needed an extra helping of creative inspiration and decided to take a creative writing course at UCLA called: Children’s Books.” The course provided me with much needed guidance on my new adventure.

My husband, who is an English literature major, helped along the way and was my “second pair of eyes” so to speak through the entire process. Navigating the world of “Publishing” has been an eye-opener, but the process has given me great joy. I know at the end of this long road there will be a point where I can say, “I have put out into the world 2 books that are important to me and reflect my feelings of social etiquette and cultural tolerance.

The Books

Around The World by Ana Koza
Genre: kid lit

About Around The World:

Around the world teaches kids about different culture and what make us unique and special. The book will give shot of each characters’ lives and they will give us a glance of their country.

Source: Info in the About Around The World was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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The Magic Words by Ana Koza
Genre: kid lit

About The Magic Words:

A wonderful book for ages 1-7 year of year. A boy named Tommy often forgets to say the magic words, but then he realizes how important those words are. Let Tommy remind us about those words in a fun and magic way!

Source: Info in the About The Magic Words was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Meet The Author

About Ana:

Author Ana Koza lives with her husband and sons Ari and Eli in San Diego, California. She was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. Interested in writing since she was in school, Ana is now writing two future books for children which she expects to publish later this year. More information about Ana and her books can be found at her author web site Her books are available at and and at book stores. | amazon | twitter | facebook | goodreads
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BREATH OF DRAGONS BookTour & Giveaway


The Books


Breath Of Dragons by Barbara Kloss
Book 3 of the Pandora Novel series
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


About Breath Of Dragons:

After Prince Alaric’s death, Daria and Alex set off in search of the legendary box of the Pandors’. The box is famed to hold a secret of power—one strong enough to overcome Lord Eris and the shield of power he stole from Valdon. Daria doesn’t know where the box is hidden, but she can’t ignore the silent urging, beckoning her to the land of Pendel—the land her mother, Aurora Pandor, was from.

Time is running out. Lord Eris’s army of shadowguard vastly outnumber Valdon’s forces, and if Daria doesn’t find the box in time, Valdon will need reinforcements from the other territories to survive. But those territories will not hand over their armies willingly, not without Daria’s hand in marriage.

And there is another, older power rising, one that hasn’t been seen in centuries—one thought lost since the days of Galahad: the dragons.

Source: Info in the About Breath Of Dragons was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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Danton’s eyes bore into mine. “My father is not a traitor, nor has he refused you. He asks only for your sister. It is a small request after a lifetime of servitude to King Darius, who has only used and exploited his service. He will not spare any more of his men, otherwise. He’s spared more than his share over the years—you know he has.”

I leveled my gaze with his. “I am not my grandfather, Danton. I am grateful for everything your father has given to this realm, but I cannot and will not grant your request. If the proposal is accepted, it will be because she has accepted it.”

Danton’s eyes slid back to the river. His expression remained cool, though the rigidity in his posture professed that an inferno blazed inside of him.

“I should inform you that Lord Vega has offered me the hand of his niece, Lady Isla Justine,” he said evenly.

I had heard of this offer and I knew very well what it meant. If Danton accepted, Orindor would be united with Campagna and we would get no help from either side.

Valdon would be completely and utterly isolated. “Will you accept?” I asked, careful not to give away my growing despair.

Danton’s lips tightened. A gust of wind blew and ruffled his hair.

Seconds passed in heavy silence, and then Danton said, “Your sister would love me.” His voice was quiet. “She may not at first, but I would be good to her. You know that I am a lot of things, but I would be good to her.”

I inhaled, staring absently at the river. “I know.”

After another few, quiet moments, Danton looked back at me. His expression was distant, his gaze resolved. “Your decision is final, then?”

“Danton, it was never my decision in the first place.”


The Keeper’s Flame by Barbara Kloss
Book 2 of the Pandora Novel series
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


About The Keeper’s Flame:

Winter has fallen upon Valdon.

It’s been five months since Daria Regius arrived at the castle, and her grandfather, the king, has stripped her of all freedoms, building even more barriers around her lonely life.

But darkness moves. Rumors abound about a dark rider, sending ancient and unspeakable horrors to the territories, and the citizens of Gaia are filled with fear. And fear blurs the lines of loyalty and trust, honor and allegiance, and cultivates dissonance throughout the kingdom. The people are anxious for this year’s games, because this year, according to prophecy, selecting a champion means a true king can be chosen, and only once that true king is chosen can the people have any hopes of defeating the evil amassing around them.

Propelled by fear for those she loves, unexpected friendships, and harrowing betrayal, Daria must gain the courage to escape the barriers set around her life and confront the evil that threatens to destroy Gaia—before it finds her and takes her life first.

Source: Info in the About The Keeper’s Flame was from the press kit from the publicity team.


Gaia’s Secret by Barbara Kloss
Book 1 of the Pandora Novel series
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


About Gaia’s Secret:

For centuries, the people of Gaia have kept their magical world a secret to protect Earth from themselves. But magic can’t save them from the evil they face within. The key to their salvation lies with eighteen-year old Daria Jones, a young girl from Earth with no magical ability at all.

Or so she thought.

Her father’s mysterious disappearance from their Fresno, California home sets a whirlwind of events in motion, and Daria soon learns where to find him. The only problem is that she’s learned this information from Alex—the guy she grew up with. The guy that was her very best friend until three years ago when he left without a trace. But now he’s back (and devastatingly handsome. Unfortunately.) And he’s claiming that her father has been taken to a magical world—a magical world Alex has been all this time. The same magical world she must go to in order to save her father.

Now Daria has to decide whether to stay away from the guy that betrayed her, or to trust him with helping her find her father. But if this evil finds her first, she won’t even get the choice.

Source: Info in the About Gaia’s Secret was from the press kit from the publicity team.


Meet The Author


About Barbara:

Barbara Kloss studied biochemistry at California Polytechnic State University, and after she began working in a clinical lab, found herself daydreaming about far off lands and slightly deranged wizards. She, her husband, baby boy, and Lhasa currently live in Arizona, where she escapes the summer heat by writing about lush vegetation and moderate to cold climates. Author of the Pandoran Novels, a YA fantasy series.

blog | twitter | facebook | pinterest | linkedin | amazon | goodreads





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