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The Book


Shelter by Sarah Franklin
Genre: historical fiction / romance



About Shelter:

Spring 1944. Connie Granger arrives, alone, in the Forest of Dean. Fleeing her blitzed home and the war that’s fiercely raging on, she will train with the Women’s Timber Corps as a lumberjill. Deep in the heart of the forest, Connie’s duties will include felling, snedding, loading and crosscutting.

As she is drawn to the healing rhythms of the ancient forest and its remote local community – the forester and his wife, the shepherd, – Connie battles with the knowledge that she must soon make a life-changing decision.

Also arriving in the forest is Seppe, an Italian Prisoner of War, who is haunted by the past. Amongst the trees of the forest, he finds a strange kind of freedom and when Connie and Seppe cross paths in the forest, their meeting signals new beginnings. With the support of one another they will find the means to imagine their own lives anew and to face the fears that haunt them.

In this explosive moment of history, everything is changing. Women just like Connie – brave, uncompromising and strong – are finding opportunity and liberty like never before. But is the price Connie must pay for her freedom too great?

Source: Info in the About Shelter was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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Meet The Author


About Sarah Franklin:

Sarah Franklin grew up in rural Gloucestershire. She lectures in publishing at Oxford Brookes, is the founder and host of Short Stories Aloud and a judge for the Costa Short Story Award. She has written for The Guardian, Psychologies, The Pool, Sunday Express. In 2014, Sarah was awarded a Jerwood/Arvon Mentorship on the strength of her opening pages of SHELTER, and worked on the novel for a year with Jenn Ashworth, amongst others.

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What is great about this book?

HA! A tough question to ask any author about her book baby.

I read all kinds of books, and there are many shifter books out there, werewolves, lions, and bears; we’ve all seen them. Shifter books can be a fun read, and I thought I could write a superior one. Now there is nothing wrong with steamy romance, but I always want an exciting plot to accompany it. So, I wrote a book that is more than boy meets girl equals instant lust. There is plenty of lust, but there is also conflict and a mystery. The characters are well developed and they aren’t perfect. They are likeable but flawed and damaged as are all real people. The reader discovers their failings, their strengths, and their motivations. The heated attraction builds as a trusting relationship develops. Meanwhile, the mystery and threat grow as well.

Shifter mythology has been around forever. From Native American shapeshifters to ancient Greek mythology, people have found the concept of changing physical forms fascinating. The concept of changing into an animal tugs at our imagination and pushes our boundaries in ways we would like to accept. This book explains where shape shifters originated and how their powers came to be.

Additionally, these memorable characters come from fantastically affluent backgrounds that most of us enjoy reading about but don’t experience. High fashion models and NFL stars aren’t our usual neighbors, but they make for a diverting read. Phoenix is fluent in smartassery and unimpressed by this football player who wants her. Ian has never met a woman who wasn’t interested in his fame and body, but in Phoenix he has met his counterpart. The problem is, he has to keep her alive long enough to make her his.

Romance, mystery, and a killer on the loose make this a great book you will want to read.



The Book


Inside Phoenix by Roni O’Connell
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Fiction



About Inside Phoenix:

A standalone, full length, paranormal thriller filled with steamy wolf shifter romance.

SHE fled life as a supermodel to reinvent herself as the owner of a coffeehouse.
HE is a renowned NFL player on hiatus for an injury.

HE is an alpha wolf shifter on a secret assignment.
SHE swears never to shift, denying her wolf heritage.

SHE is a virgin, notorious for her icy demeanor.
HE is determined to make her his.

Someone is killing wolf shifters.
Is SHE the next target?

When tragedy strikes, Phoenix Reynolds abandons her high fashion modeling career to open Brown Burro Coffee in a tiny mountain town. NFL wide receiver and wolf alpha, Ian Brody, comes to town to investigate the killings of college-aged shifters but finds his soulmate in Phoenix. Will Phoenix embrace her inner wolf and become Ian’s mate or remain a virgin in denial of her heritage? Or will the killer find her first?

Content Warning: Contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Source: Info in the About Inside Phoenix was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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Meet The Author


About Roni O’Connell:

Roni O’Connell is the author of Inside Phoenix, a sexy shifter romance/thriller for adults, Chameleon’s Spell, a dystopian paranormal romance/thriller, Float, the first paranormal thriller in the YA series Chronicles of D.E.A.D High, and 3rd Degree Secrets, the second paranormal thriller in the series.

Addicted to books from infancy, Roni says, “I love books that explore fantasy worlds and the paranormal—books that push the edges of my imagination. As a child, I spent many of my best hours immersed in books and that passion morphed into writing them. I taught English literature for many years and found some of my students felt underrepresented in the books they read. That is why Float has a Hispanic heroine.

“I live with my husband and three dogs high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. A California native, I find inspiration in the forest, wildlife, and lakes around my home. When I’m not writing, I can usually be found out on my kayak or swimming in mountain lakes. I love good wine and great coffee, and people with my similar wicked sense of humor. I love animals, and I’ve become known locally as the Animal Whisperer as I can get birds to land in my hands and foxes and deer come to me to be petted.”

To learn more about Roni O’Connell, like her author page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. To show you care, leave your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

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The Book


His True Strength by LaQuette
Book 5 in the Queens Of Kings series
Genre: erotic interracial romantic suspense



About His True Strength:

Dr. True Amare, Captain in the United States Navy, sacrificed everything for her country. One op gone wrong took her hope, her freedom, and the love of her life, Teague Maher. Twelve years later, as she struggles to put that terrible night behind her by bringing those responsible to justice, her country has one more request—”Do it all again.”

Teague Maher, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI, was forced by his government to give up his life, leave the woman he loves, and protect a queen. Twelve years later, they’re sending him home to his enemies, to the one woman he could never forget, and the scorching memories of the two of them together.

In a last-ditch effort to bring the Azurian conflict to a close, Teague and True are forced to put their differences aside and work together. Unfortunately for them, their teams, and likely the world, that proves difficult when Teague sees only the young woman he used to command in and out of the bedroom, and not the unshakable leader she’s become.

Can she trust him with her heart?

Can he lay his life, pride, and ego at her feet, and understand that then and now, their love is his true strength?

Delve into the fifth and final chapter of the award-winning Queens of Kings series by LaQuette to find out.

Source: Info in the About His True Strength was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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Books in the Queens Of Kings series:




The Author


About LaQuette:

LaQuette is an erotic, multicultural romance author of M/F and M/M love stories. Her writing style brings intellect to the drama. She often crafts emotionally epic, fantastical tales that are deeply pigmented by reality’s paintbrush. Her novels are filled with a unique mixture of savvy, sarcastic, brazen, and unapologetically sexy characters who are confident in their right to appear on the page.

This bestselling Erotic Romance Author is the 2016 Author of the Year Golden Apple Award Winner, 2015 Swirl Awards Bronze Winner in Romantic Suspense, and 2015 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award Finalist in Erotic Romance. LaQuette — a native of Brooklyn, New York — spends her time catering to her three distinct personalities: Wife, Mother, and Educator.

Writing — her escape from everyday madness — has always been a friend and source of comfort. At the age of sixteen she read her first romance novel and realized the genre was missing something: people that looked and lived like her. As a result, her characters and settings are always designed to provide positive representations of people of color and various marginalized communities.

She loves hearing from readers and discussing the crazy characters that are running around in her head causing so much trouble. Contact her on Facebook, Twitter, @LaQuetteLikes, her website,, Amazon, her Facebook group, LaQuette’s Lounge, and via email at | twitter | facebook | google+ | pinterest | amazon | goodreads



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The Book


PROMISES Part 3 by A. E. Via
Genre: M/M Gay Contemporary



About PROMISES Part 3:

A bounty hunter’s partners to lovers’ story.
The hunt is on… and he’s the prey.

Bradford (Ford) King was sure he had the rest of his life mapped out. Though he was no longer a SEAL Lieutenant, his brother was home safe and he had a job that still allowed him to satisfy his hunger for hunting bad guys. Life was simple, no distractions or complications – at age forty-six – that’s all Ford wanted. What he didn’t want was his work partner, sniper/watchman, Dana, giving him s**t all the time.

Dana Cadby had grown up labeled a roughneck from the wrong side of the tracks. He’d fought, scrounged, and survived despite a father that constantly told him he couldn’t. Dana pulled himself up by his own boot straps and made a name for himself in the marksman community. He’d been Duke’s bounty watchman for five years. It was his job to ensure their safety, watch their backs. At thirty-three, he was trusted, well respected by his peers, his bosses, his friends… so why couldn’t he earn the same respect from his partner?

Dana knew he was bisexual before he graduated high school. He also knew he was attracted to the huge, 6’3”, SEAL from the moment he and his brother came to join their team. It wasn’t easy for him to tamp down his immediate reaction to Ford’s thick muscles, full beard, and dark eyes. Still, Dana exhibited nothing but professionalism towards him, not wanting to make his ‘straight’ partner uncomfortable.

After Dana took back his ex-girlfriend, he’d noticed an intensification in Ford’s bad attitude. One that turned aggressive and downright antagonistic, and Dana was damned if he’d just lay down and take it. He was gonna make that man respect him if it was the last thing he did.

When Duke sends Dana and Ford out to track down their most dangerous bounty yet, they both embrace the fact that they make one hell of a team… but they fight tooth and nail against the powerful intimacy brewing between them.

Beware: When Ford and Dana connect, no fugitive can hide from the hunter and his watchman.

This story is a part of a series but can stand alone. It does not end on a cliffhanger and has a HEA.
Disclaimer: This book is about MM romance, albeit there is a very brief MF scene.

Source: Info in the About PROMISES Part 3 was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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“God, brat,” Ford retorted.

Dana’s laughter dwindled when he noticed the rich look of lust on Ford’s face. He’d never ever seen that look on him. He kept his eyes on Ford’s, wanting that look all to himself. Craving that look. He released the air he’d been holding and sucked in a much-needed breath. The temperature in the room spiked thirty degrees as they stared unashamedly at each other. If he weren’t such a gentleman he’d be up off that small loveseat and straddling Ford’s lap before he could erase that look from his face. But first, he had a girlfriend to break up with. Dana was not a cheater. And second, this was all new territory for Ford and he wouldn’t be a jerk and push him into something he wasn’t ready for.

“I better go. It’s late,” Dana said, breaking the tension. As soon as he stood up, he pulled at the hem of his shirt to try to cover his half-hard erection. “I had a good time, Ford.” Dana turned around and groaned under his breath. Why’d I say that? He’d just made it sound like he’d been on a date.

“Me too,” Ford said from close behind him. Dana was relieved Ford didn’t read too much into his choice of words.

Dana put on his coat and slowly made his way to the door, hesitant to leave Ford’s company after only a measly four hours. He could enjoy being around him – especially when he wasn’t so uptight – for much longer. Before he opened the door, Dana turned, desperate for even a few more seconds. “Have a good night.”

Ford looked so serious again, like he was debating with himself. The bad guy on his shoulder winning over the good guy on the other. Then everything seemed to move in slow-motion. Ford braced his palm flat on the door beside Dana’s head, mimicking what he’d done earlier, preventing him from leaving. While some might find the action a bit barbaric, Dana’s cock was getting harder and harder. He didn’t move, careful to let Ford go at his own pace. Oh so slowly, Ford brought his right hand up and gently caressed the bristles on Dana’s cheek. Dana just remembered to breathe before he passed out. Ford was touching him, and not in a hetero kind of way. It’s what he’d wanted for so long. Ford leaned in, carefully watching Dana’s eyes as he did. Before their lips could touch, Ford whispered gravely, “Stay still.”

Jesus Christ. Dana didn’t move, barely inhaled. There was no way he was about to ruin this.

Ford’s beard brushed his cheek and Dana realized he’d been right. It was soft to the touch, like Ford used conditioner on it. Dana felt his knees go weak but he locked them in place. Was Ford going to kiss him or was he going to just whisper in his ear and tease the hell out of him… what? All he felt was a deliciously solid, rock hard chest against his own and warm breaths behind his ear. But he followed orders and stayed still, didn’t dare move. He kept his fists clenched tightly at his sides to keep from pulling Ford even closer to him. When Ford was done inhaling him, he grazed Dana’s ear with his lips. Not a kiss… a caress. Dana felt Ford turn his face into the crook of his neck and he fought not to whimper like a love-sick girl.

“Get rid of her. Now,” Ford ordered, making Dana almost come in his pants.


Meet The Author


About A.E. Via:

A.E. Via is an author in the beautiful gay romance genre and also founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books. Her writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to adventure, to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children.

Adrienne has tons of more stories to tell, so be sure to visit her site to learn more! Go to A.E. Via’s official website for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, VSWB submissions, and where she’ll appear next. | blog | giftshop | twitter | facebook | facebook author page | pinterest | google+ | instagram | amazon | goodreads






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STRAY BULLET by Simon Duringer & Giveaway

The Book

Stray Bullet by Simon Duringer
Genre: crime fiction | police procedural

About Stray Bullet:

A police detective wakes up in a hospital bed with a bullet wound to the chest and an impaired memory. Told he’s a hero, somehow he doesn’t feel heroic despite saving the Vatican envoy’s life…

When his parents are killed in a car accident, Jack Shaw’s devastation leads him down a path of self destruction; until an unconventional friend comes knocking and lures him into a world where he can learn to live again whilst exorcising his inner demons…

As Jack and Harvey’s paths cross, a dark secret is revealed, a secret which will endanger their lives…

“In Stray Bullet, Simon Duringer has given us a tense, transatlantic thriller whose resolution will confound your expectations.”

Joe Donnachie, professional book editor.

Source: Info in the About Stray Bullet was from taken from GoodReads at on 19/01/2014.

book depository | amazon ca | kindle ca | amazon us | kindle us | amazon uk | kindle uk | lulu
Meet The Author

About Simon:

Simon was raised by his parents Kenneth and Penelope with his brother Carl in Berkshire & Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. He has lived and worked across all parts of the UK. Simon has two children Jonathan and Christopher and he resides in Lancashire with his partner Liz and her family.

He has written articles for UK Armed Services magazines and International product review companies.

Previously a website owner and forum administrator; Simon operated a number crunching website before condensing the results of his 5 years of analysis into his first book “How do I win on a lottery?”

Simon has turned his hand back to a passion that began in 2001; the art of writing suspense thrillers. In 2013 he completed his first in a series; “Stray Bullet” based on the fictitious characters of Harvey Walters and Jack Shaw.

Currently he uses his spare time to work on the sequel to “Stray Bullet” aptly named “Phoenix” after the leading character within his latest book.

Simon gains his inspiration through life experience; having worked within the UK Royal Air Force and latterly working within and managing civilian operational control rooms which he continues to do to this day.

Interests: Most sports, number crunching, graphic design, I.T., writing, new challenges, puzzles. | twitter | facebook | google+ | youtube | goodreads
  • Share this giveaway at your blog/website and gain a slot in the rafflecopter share. Email cherrymischif-straybullet [at] yahoo [dot] com for the HTML code.
    • (X1) Paperback copy of STRAY BULLET
    • (X1) $15 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal cash, winner’s choice.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Open to international readers so long as:
  • ENDS: 28 February 2014
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Win A Blood Coven Autographed Book at Mari Mancusi’s Facebook Page

Night School by Mari Mancusi

Vampires, Slayers and…FAIRIES? Sunny and Rayne McDonald are about to get SCHOOLED.

After their parents’ shocking revelation about their fae heritage and an attack on their lives, the McDonald twins find themselves on the run—forced to hide out at Riverdale Academy , a boarding school for vampire slayers, deep in the Swiss Alps. With no cells, no internet, and no way to contact their vampire boyfriends—the twins are on their own.

Being a vampire stuck in a school full of slayers isn’t easy. Especially with no blood substitute stocked on campus. Soon Rayne finds herself succumbing to her bloodlust and losing control—especially around the arrogant, but devastatingly handsome Corbin Billingsworth the Third—who isn’t sure whether he wants to kiss her…or kill her.

But when Sunny starts acting strange, Rayne realizes Riverdale Academy may be hiding some deadly secrets of its own—leading to a showdown in Fairyland that may cost the twins their lives.

Source: Synopsis of Night School was taken from the author’s website at on 06/01/2011.

Buy Link:

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Contest Link: Click here to go to the contest.

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Click the cover to grab your copy of REBEL MOON! Includes a supernatural short story by L.J. Boldyrev!

Paperback 220 pages
ISBN 13: 97809565035
ISBN 10: 0956503519

(an anthology of supernatural tales)
By various authors

Have you ever wondered what Death would look like if he approached you at a bus stop? Or what would happen if a vampire’s chosen victim turned out to be more than they had bargained for?

Rebel Moon is a collection of stories that will whisk you into worlds of vampires, werewolves and witchcraft so prepare yourself for a bumpy ride as sometimes the dead have more of a life than the living and if this book teaches you anything it is to always expect the unexpected!

From the teen witches you wouldn’t want to cross in One Witch Down to the dark comedy of Evil 101, this is a book you won’t want to put down.


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Click the cover to grab your copy of REBEL MOON! Includes a supernatural short story by L.J. Boldyrev!

Paperback 220 pages
ISBN 13: 97809565035
ISBN 10: 0956503519

(an anthology of supernatural tales)
By various authors

Have you ever wondered what Death would look like if he approached you at a bus stop? Or what would happen if a vampire’s chosen victim turned out to be more than they had bargained for?

Rebel Moon is a collection of stories that will whisk you into worlds of vampires, werewolves and witchcraft so prepare yourself for a bumpy ride as sometimes the dead have more of a life than the living and if this book teaches you anything it is to always expect the unexpected!

From the teen witches you wouldn’t want to cross in One Witch Down to the dark comedy of Evil 101, this is a book you won’t want to put down.

Buy Link(s):

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MY AVENGING ANGEL + $15 AmazonGC Giveaway

At today’s blog tour stop, we have the pleasure of having the wonderful company of Michael the Archangel!!!

And I would like to apologize in advance if my questions sounded a bit generic! When I prepared the interview questions I did not know that Michael would descend upon us :), but Michael has cool answers:

• First of all… please tell us a little more about yourself.

    • I think enough has been written about me that most people know who the hell I am. I am the Archangel Michael and if Lucifer ever has the nerve to come crawling out of that cesspool known as Hell, I’m going to take out that back-stabbing son of a bitch.

• Are you into reading books? If so, what is your reading list?

    • Who has the time to read? I leave that kind of crap to my mate, Tory. Though I have to admit, I do enjoy the parts where the bad guys die. Especially when it’s a demon getting sliced and diced. It warms my soul.

• If you could have one superpower, what would it be? What kind of power would you choose?

    • Sweetheart, I was the first superhero. Though that laser thing Superman does with his eyes is pretty damn cool. I’d love to be able to do that.

• What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

    • Falling in love. Christ, I sound like a pussy but there you go. I never thought anyone could bring me to my knees, especially one tiny woman, but Tory owns my soul.

• If you suddenly come to have $1M, what would you do?

    • If only money could solve my problems, I’d hire dozens of new warriors and wipe the demons from the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, the angel populace is shrinking, not growing. And humans are far too fragile; they have a tendency to die.

Thank you so much for being with us today Michael!!!!

Now here is the scoop about My Avenging Angel:

To save her life, he must break a covenant—and lose his heart.

An Angels and Demons story.

It’s Victoria Bloom’s twenty-fifth birthday. But is she out celebrating? Oh, no. She’s in a stuffy old attic with the Three Stooges—a.k.a. her so-called spirit guides. There’s a demon who wants her dead, the same one that killed her mother two decades ago. No worries, say the Stooges. All she has to do is summon an angel. What could go wrong?

Well, plenty when you summon the wrong angel. The next thing Tory knows, she’s got one very bad-ass, pissed-off and sexy Archangel on her hands.

Michael, mighty warrior, leader of an elite team of demon killers, is shaking in his heavenly combat boots. Not because he finds all humans distasteful. But because he’d rather face Lucifer himself than the woman his soul has just recognized as his mate. Binding himself to a mortal, one who will eventually die, is the one path he’s sworn never to follow.

It’s too late now; his fate is sealed. With one touch, she becomes as necessary to him as the air he breathes. He will move heaven and earth to protect her—but against a demon as powerful as Asmodeus, heaven and earth may not be enough…

Source: Info in the Now here is the scoop about My Avenging Angel was taken from the publisher’s website at on 11/06/2010.

Author Link: Madelyn Ford
Publisher Link: Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Blog Tour Link: Goddess Fish
Buy Link(s):
Samhain Publishing Ltd.

Madelyn will be giving away a $15 Amazon gift certificate to one randomly drawn commenter from the blog stops. To enter, leave a comment on the blog stops (listed below) — enter at every stop each day to earn more entries!

GoddesFishThis blog tour was courtesy of GoddessFish. The tour stops:
June 7 Book Junkie
June 8 Savage Hunter
June 9 Love Romance Passion
June 10 J.A. Saare
June 11 Travel The Ages
June 14 Cherry Mischievous
June 15 The Book Junkie’s Bookshelf
June 16 From The Shadows
June 17 You Gotta Read Reviews
June 18 Taste of Kiwi

*Disclaimer: Tour images (tour logo/banner at top and My Avenging Angel cover art tour image) were provided by GoddessFish. The angel image below the tour banner is from the internet and is assumed to be under the Common License.

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A Devil In The Details by K.A. Stewart

Publication Date: 6th July 2010

About A Devil In The Details:

Every lost soul needs a champion.

Jesse James Dawson was an ordinary guy (well, an ordinary guy with a black belt in karate), until the day he learned his brother had made a bargain with a demon. Jesse discovered there was only one way to save his brother: put up his own soul as collateral, and fight the demon to the death.

Jesse lived to free his brother–and became part of a loose organization of Champions who put their own souls on the line to help those who get in over their heads with demons. But now experienced Champions are losing battles at a much higher rate than usual. Someone has changed the game. And if Jesse can’t figure out the new rules, his next battle may be his last…

Source: Info in the About A Devil In The Details was taken from amazon at on 06/05/2010.

Can’t wait for July to roll around already!!

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