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Historical Romance films are on the way

Am proud to announce the launch of “Project Princess” an adaptation of a historical romance novel into an animated feature film.

Launch date: Kickstarter on the 26th of January

Historical Romance films are the highest selling genre in the book world today but sadly there is a lack of dramatizations.

Hoping to change this, and the future of HR fictions, I am producing a film adapted from my novel “the Princess and the Count.”

With memorable characters and breathtaking scenery, I plan on making an exceptional and entertaining 3D film which takes the viewers back into a special era in History.

Together with a crew of animators, technicians and voice actors, we will begin working on the film from March of 2016 and it is our hope to complete the entire film by the end of June of this year.

Please support me in the journey of Lady Elizabeth, who travels to Pladova to marry her Prince but finds love in the most unlikely of places.


The Book


The Princess And The Count by Nasreen Somji
Genre: historical romance



About The Princess And The Count:

Lady Elizabeth Ashton arrives alone in Pladova to marry Prince Alexander. Expecting to be greeted with much pomp she is surprised when nobody is there to welcome her.

She meets Count Nikolai Radosky who tells that there is a revolution and it would be better for her if she were to return back to England. She forces him to accompany her to the capital city where she would meet the Prince and the marriage could proceed.

The journey is not without its problem as they encounter dangerous situations.

Before long Liz loses her heart to the Count. What would she do now?

Source: Info in the About The Princess And The Count was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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Meet The Author


About Nasreen Somji:

From an early age I loved Historical romances. Growing up Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland were my very favorites. Over the years I fell in love with other writers such as Victoria Alexander and Stephanie Laurens.

For years I had stories buzzing in my mind, I even started writing a few books but they never got completed. Finally I sat down to write seriously and am happy to announce my book is completed.

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