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Lookie! Lookie! Something landed in my inbox!!


Thank you to TA Crosbarn for the free audiobook copy of Legion Of The Moonlight (Book 1)!


Legion Of The Moonlight by TA Crosbarn
Narrated by Don Kline
Genre: urban fantasy



About Legion Of The Moonlight:

Small Northern California town is shaken up when a paranormal force invades the community. It is an unseen force that can and does kill it’s victims but first it has to find a host. The story is centered around a town where everyone kind of knows each other.

When the mysterious deaths start to happen the people are running scared and have find out what or who is doing all the gruesome attacks. It is something paranormal that likes the night but it leaves a physical deadly footprint behind.

Source: Info in the About Legion Of The Moonlight was from the press kit from the publicity team.


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About TA Crosbarn:

T.A. Crosbarn born in Santa Clara Ca. in 1965 and moved around the mid-west and the south. Crosbarn is an award winning salesman who has also published art and music and is now entered into the book publishing business. People in the Walls is the first series. | newsletter | twitter | facebook | google+ | goodreads



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