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Halogen Oven

Soooo disappointed!

Bought a halogen oven with my disney winnings at from electroworld seller last week with the gift voucher I won from disney. When the oven was received about a couple of days ago, I was very excited to open the package! I was a little disappointed when the extender was dented and does not fit snugly into the glass body as well as it would have if not dented. But it was only a little dent and I was too excited to be cooking in a halogen oven that I kinda forgave that dent. Today, I tested the oven. First I was wondering if the oven’s “heat” light ought to be blinking on and off. I thought that was odd. I thought that it would heat up to the preset temperature and then switch itself off. Not blink every 5 minutes. But I’m not a technical person so I thought that it might be because it ought to do that. I just found it odd. After an hour of cooking at 250degrees celsius, my food is still halfway cooked. That was even odder. Because halogen oven is suppose to cook quicker, not slower! So I turned the timer dial up again to cook for another hour. About halfway through the second hour, the glass body popped and broke! I think my unit is a fake!! I was so so disappointed!! šŸ˜¦ …not to mention hungry! As I could not possibly eat that roasted pork with apple sauce anymore because it might have little bits of glass in it and it is not fully cooked yet! I am still waiting to hear from electroworld


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